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Discovery College & Young Adults

Discovery College & Young Adults

During our college and early career years, we make decisions that impact the rest of our lives. As you pursue your studies, careers and relationships, we want to help you realize the path God has for you. Here at Discovery, we are happy to invite you to be a part of Gospel-Centered Community where we will help you discover and live a life transformed by Jesus Christ. Whether you are with us for one month, one year or four years, we’ll lovingly welcome you in, build you up, and send you out. We invite you to CONNECT, GROW in Christ, and BE EQUIPPED to serve as He has uniquely gifted you.

College Students

Discovery does not have a student-only group that meets weekly. Rather, we focus on partnering with on-campus fellowships (including CRU, Navigators, InterVarsity, AACF, KCCC, Athletes In Action) and being a cross-generational church family to you during your years in Davis. Here in Discovery, we provide several cross-generational environments for you to connect with mentors and families, including Discovery Men, Discovery Women and Discovery Groups.  And then we invite you to serve alongside us and be equipped in your own gifts and abilities.  


Young Adult Fellowship

After college we face some unique challenges in life and discipleship. We want to help you connect with other young adults in Discovery. Our Young Adult Fellowship meets once a month at our Downtown Mission Center on the 4th Monday evening of each month 7-8:30pm to discuss topics related to young adults. Email