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Discovery Groups

Discovery Groups


While you will be introduced to our church community during our Sunday morning gatherings, we want to welcome you into our smaller mid-week gatherings we call Discovery Groups. We hope every person in Discovery will be connected in meaningful community with other Christ-followers. Community is a gift from God to support us when we are hurting, help us understand God’s Word and will for our lives, and spur us on to be who God created us to be. Discipleship happens in the context of community.

What is a Discovery Group?

Discovery Groups provide regular opportunities for you to connect with others for a period of your life and learn from Jesus. Typically a group is 8-12 people gathering mid-week in a home or in a coffee shop, and together we create an environment where intentional relationships can begin and grow. As we connect more meaningfully together, we focus on Jesus and his work in our lives. It is in Jesus we face life’s difficulties and celebrate life’s joys, know God, and find purpose. In Discovery Groups our people experience life transformation while growing as a disciple of Jesus.


How can you connect with a Discovery Group?

Check out our Discovery Group Table on a Sunday morning and you will find pictures and information on each group.  Or go ahead and email one of our group hosts listed below.  We welcome you to visit several different Groups and find the community that best fits this season of life.  If you want more general information or help figuring out what group would best fit you, email our Discovery Group Coordinator.  

 Find your Discovery Group below.





South Davis Caleb and Rebecca Egli EMAIL
 North Davis GR & Kadee Thompson EMAIL


Diaz-Ochoa's and Boulware's EMAIL
 Woodland Ben Fowler and Shawna Judkins   EMAIL 
Downtown  Marci Montanari EMAIL
 East Davis Rebecca Leong and Yuan and Joy Cheng  EMAIL
West Davis Robert & Janet Boulware and Mandy Mueller EMAIL
 Interested in hosting a Discovery Group? EMAIL US



If I go to a Discovery Group what am I committing to?

You are always free to just come and check out a Discovery Group. We have two “connecting” seasons that are great opportunities to get to know some people. Then we have two “study” seasons when we ask everyone in Discovery to commit to our 8-10 week all- church study. We aim to have new groups for new people to join. At the end of the study we have a “RE-GROUP” period when your group will decide if you want to continue to meet for the rest of the year. Even if your group decides to continue you may decide to check out a different group or to not be in a group altogether.