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Above and Beyond


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We believe that our teens are vitally important to our Church body, and we believe that the Holy Spirit wants to actively live through them to help them be effective members of our body in todays society. We truly believe that God can and will use our teens today as effectively as he uses our church leaders. We desire to inspire, equip and empower our teens to reach this city to impact our world. Our prayer is that our teenagers will be able to lead their peers to be disciples of Jesus who then go out and make disciples. Discovery Christian Church believes that God can use anyone who is completely surrounded to him, regardless of age, status, or circumstance. We are thrilled to think of what God has in store for our teens as he uses them to bring glory to his name.

This year is going to be exciting one, it truly is the beginning of a new era for the youth of Discovery. We have seen God really move in and amongst our teens over the last two years as we’ve spent time investing in their lives and getting to know the hearts of each teen. We are excited now to teach our teens what it really means to be a Christian and to live life abundantly as Christ has called us to, John 10:10.

This year we will be focusing on equipping our teens with the tools necessary to grow in their own faith through studying the Word of God, teaching them how to share the gospel with others, how to defend their faith, and how to stand secure on the promises of God that he’s given us in His Word. We are also launching our ministry teams, we will be using the talents that God has given each of our teens and combing their talents with their passion to be used as an expression of faith. Through affinity teams, we are going to reach this city to impact our world for Christ.

Logistically we’ll be meeting once a week for a time of worship together before Jeremy Mahan, the Youth Leader, will share God’s word. Then we will break up into small groups where we can dive even deeper into that week’s lesson. Our small group sessions are opportunity for our teens to be authentic and vulnerable with their adult leader and also be held accountable throughout the week in their walk with Christ. For those who are able to participate in the ministry teams, they will meet after small groups for an additional time period to practice with their specific team. We will be participating in different ministries throughout the year. A typical ministry is where we do a “street style” performance to draw a crowd, which then provides a platform for us to share the gospel. The teens will have an opportunity to share their individual “hope stories” on what Christ has meant in their own life and how it is through HIM that they are able to use their talents and abilities to bring him glory!

This year is going to challenge the teens in their walk with God and really make them take a leap of faith in allowing the Holy Spirit to use them first hand! We are so excited to walk along side our teens and watch them be used by God to make a difference in our city to impact our world!